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Having born in a family where art is more like a way of life rather than a part of life, her childhood was spent amidst the melody of tambura, the rhythm of cymbals and mridangam,the soulful bhajans and the boisterous Yakshagana. She was initiated into the art of Bharathanatyam by her mother Smt. Jayalakshmi herself at a tender age of five. Later she pursued the art form under the tutelage of Smt Nalini Bypadittaya and Dr.Seetha Kote. Her zeal towards this divine art motivated her to further explore the nuances under the guidance of Shantala awardee Late Guru Muralidhar Rao,Mysore , Late Padmashri Adayar K Lakshman,Chennai, Guru Bragha Besell Chennai and Guru Rama Vaidyanathan, Delhi. She even attended the workshops conducted by Guru Padma Subramanyam and the revered winter workshop at Kalakshetra, Chennai.

As a Guru and a performer:

Vidyashree Radhakrishna founded Gaana Nritya Academy (GNA) in 1994 at Sullia, her hometown with the sole intention of propagating the classical music and dance and creating an awareness amongst the young minds even in the rural areas. Having identified and brought out many talents in Bharatanatyam, GNA expanded its presence across the state, and it is emerging as one of the leading dance academies of Karnataka.

Vidyashree has performed at over six hundred venues in and around India, as a solo performer and with her performing team. She has choreographed numerous solo, group and thematic presentations, and has conducted seminars and lecture demonstrations on various aspects of Bharathanatyam. Vidyashree is a multifaceted artiste. Not only is she a wonderful dancer, she is also a trained vocalist and a profound Nattuvanar. In some of her presentations, she has even made a commendable attempt at song compositions.

Achievements and performance trail:

  • She has received many laurels and titles from various esteemed organizations. Karnataka kalajyothi, Young achiever award etc., to name a few.
  • Vidyashree is a graded artiste of Bengaluru Doordarshan
  • She has directed and produced a DVD called ‘Nrithyaksharam’ containing the fundamentals (adavus) of Bharatanatyam.
  • Won first place in the national level Bharathanatyam competition ‘Vishwaroopa’ conducted by Udupi Sri Krishna mutt in the year 2006.
  • Intrigued by the beauty and grandeur of the other classical art forms, she organises and encourages her students to participate in Kathak and Odissi workshops regularly.
  • Recently, her disciples participated in the audition for international dance festival conducted by DD PrasarBharati in collaboration with the Asian Broadcasting Unit and were invited for a performance which was telecast on the national television.
  • Her disciples participated in the national level competition conducted by in Pune and went on to the international level competition at Colombo and bagged several awards and recognition.
  • Guru VidyashreeRadhakrishna promotes young and budding artistes by providing them a platform in the monthly festivals conducted by her, “NrityaVarsha”, “Nrityadhara” and “NrityaNirantara” and the annual celebration, “Aarohana”.
  • She even facilitates continued learning for her students by introducing them to legendary artistes in the field by way of their workshops and performances.
  • Some of her significant performances include:
    • ‘Guruvandana’ under the tutelage of Guru. Shanthala awardee Muralidhar Rao,Mysore
    • Subrahmanya temple Kirushashtiuthsava
    • Shree Bhramaramba temple Kateeluthsava
    • Kannada Sangha Matunga, Mumbai
    • Sadhanasangama-Yugala
    • Alva’s nudisiri- moodabidire, Dakshina Kannada
    • ‘Samanvaya’, Bharatanatyam and Odissijugalbandi-with SmtMadhulithaMahopatra
    • Mysore NrityakalaParishad
    • Mysore dasarautsava
    • Karawar and Kaiga
    • Karavaliuthsava
    • Lakshadeepauthsava, Dharmasthala
    • NaadaneerajanamTirupathi
    • Vellur temple
    • Nrityantar festivalat Bengaluru
    • ‘Buntayana’ at Kuwait
    • Kollur temple
    • Kadambautsava,Banavasi
    • Guruvayur
    • Udupi Paryayauthsava
    • ‘Ashtabhavika’ presentation by the disciples of guru. Rama Vaidyanathan at Bengaluru and Mumbai
    • Hampiutsava
    • Delhi Kannada Sangha etc.

More on her choreographies and presentations maybe found under ‘Academy – Productions’ tab.
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