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Dance Ballets


This child friendly thematic presentation is based on a folklore prevalent in Kannada based on the story of a snake and a mongoose. It imparts the virtues of patience and trust to the young minds in this age of instant gratification and rush through the medium of dance.


This is a duet presentation signifying the duality in life. From ages, Hari and Hara have been viewed as distinct and contrasting, whereas in fact they are two sides of the same coin. One may take any path, that of ‘Bhakti’ or ‘Virakti’, but ultimately, he shall reach the divinity. This is a creative and self-composed presentation showing the unity of minds through unity of Gods..

'Sathyameva Jayathe' :-
Sathyameva Jayathe is the latest dance ballet produced by the Academy, a dance drama based on the Kannada folk ballad "Govina Hadu", is an explanation for the glory of Truth. The protagonist 'Punyakoti' is considered as a metaphor for the Truth or 'Sathya', by winning over a cruel tiger.

Music - Praveen D Rao
Choreography - Vidyashree Radhakrishna

Duration – 45 Minutes
BGM – Recorded
No of Artists – 10 – 12

'Bharatanatyam – Solo' :-

Duration : Per requirement
Background music: Live / Recorded

'Bharatanatyam Group' :-
Duration:Per requirement
BGM:Live / Recorded
No. of Artists : Adjusted to the stage size

'Semi classical / Folk style / patriotic Dance' :-
 Duration:Per requirement
No. of Artists: Adjusted to the stage size

'Kannada Saahitya – Nritya Vaibhava' :-

The selected different kinds of Kannada poetry viz.,
Navya Sahitya, Dasa sahitya, Janapada Sahitya, Vachana Sahitya etc combined in the thematic presentation.
Concept & direction : Vidyashree Radhakrishna, Mangalore; Music: Gururaj, Mangalore
Vocal: Pdt / Jayatheertha Mevundi & Sangeeta Balachandra, Udupi (Etv – Edetumbi Hadidenu Fame)
Duration – 1hour
BG. Music – Recorded
No. of Artists - 15 

The theme selected from the ‘Bhagavata’, one among the holy mythological work of India. This Ballet is a visual explanation of the glorious period of Lord Krishna, whose life itself is a massage to the mankind. Starting from his birth, his different childhood stories have been explained in this dance drama.

Duration – 1 hour
BGM – Recorded
No. Artists – 13 – 20

'Rutu Sringara' :-
‘Rutu Samhara’ – the popular work of kavi kalidasa which tells the diversity and grandeur of six seasons is the base idea of this drama. The drama is in semi classical style. The joyous dance of devine couple ‘Radha Krishna’ and other ‘gopikas’ of vrindavan in six different seasons is artistically woven.

Duration – 30 minutes
BGS: - Recorded
No. Artists – 14

'Virata Parva' :-
It is a short and unique piece taken from the great epic ‘Mahabharata’, the hallmark of Indian Heritage.
Urvashi’s curse on Arjun, being the starting point, it continues with the story of Pandavas in their ‘Ajnathvasa’ and ‘Keechakavadhe’ and ends with ‘Uttaragograhana’.
Bharatanatyam, Yakshagana and Kalaripayat styles and techniques are used in this drama.

Duration – 1 hour
BGM – Recorded
No. Artists – 13

'Jwalamukhi – Ambe' :-
Ambe is one of the significant and exceptionalfemale characters in the epic of Mahabharatha. Her earnest anticipation to marry her beloved Salva was shattered when she was taken away by Bheeshma. She holds him responsible for all the mishaps that followed and vengefully, she makes death of Bheeshma the purpose of her life and goes on to succeed in it.

This performance is aimed at depicting how right from the ancient era, a lady continues to be victimised by the evils of the society for no fault of hers.This performance will show how in face of defeat and deceit, she transforms herself into formidable fumes of a volcano and takes on the evils fearlessly and does not restuntil the rival forces succumb to her.

‘JwaalamukhiAmbe’ will be presented with effective lighting arrangements and uplifting pre-recorded music.
Music : Dr.Rajkumar Bharati,Chennai
Choreigraphy,Direction and Presented by  Vidyashree Radhakrishna

'Dhashavataram' :-

Matsya, Koorma, Vasaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki being the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, show the victory of virtue over the vice. The drama is composed in a classical style which is the combination of NRITTA ( Pure Dance) and Abhinaya (Expressions).

Duration – 45 minutes
BGM – Live
No of Artists – 12 – 15

'Navarasa Ramayana' :-

The nine different emotions Viz, Sringara, Hasya, Veera, Karunya, Roudra, Adbhuta, Bhayanaka, Bubhatra and Shanta found in the different sequences of the great Indian epic ‘Ramayana’ are synchronized.

Duration – 45 minutes
BGM – Live / Recorded
No. of Artists – 12 – 15

'Samanvaya' ‘Odissi and Bharatanatyam Jugalbandi’ :-
The combination of different classical dances of India. These are different music styles, different methods of presentation, different costumes. Different culture but soul of all Indian dances are the same that is self realization and surrendering to the God.

Duration – 1 hour
BGM – Live / Recorded
No of Artist – 2 – 6

'Odissi Vaibhav' :-
The only team in Mangalore, perform odissi in an authentic way.

Duration – 1 hour
BGM – Recorded
No of Artists – 10 – 12

'Kathak Vaibhav' :-
The only team in Mangalore, perform Kathak in an authentic way.

Duration – 30 minutes
BGM – Recorded
No of Artists – 10 – 12


'Light Music' :-
Combination of Bhavageeta, Devotional songs, Folk songs, patriotic songs.

Duration – As per requirement
BGM – By the popular artists
No of artists – 5 -10

'Carnatic Classical Vocal' :-

Duration – as per requirement
BGM – By the popular artists